1. Exemplar® LS - Low Straylight Smart CCD Spectrometer

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Exemplar® LS - Low Straylight Smart CCD Spectrometer

The Exemplar® LS is a smart CCD spectrometer optimized for low straylight by utilizing an unfolded Czerny-Turner spectrograph. It features on board data processing, USB 3.0 communication, and temperature compensation. The Exemplar LS is also optimized for multi-channel operation, featuring ultra-low trigger delay and gate jitter. Additionally, the Exemplar LS features a 2048 element detector and built-in 16-bit digitizer with greater than 2.0 MHz readout speed.

The Exemplar LS is available in two standard spectral configurations: 200nm - 400nm and 200nm ? 850nm with resolutions of less than 0.4nm. Custom configurations are available for OEM applications.


- UV, Vis, and NIR: Spectroscopy / Spectroradiometry / Spectrophotometry
- Absorbance / Reflectance / Transmittance
- Kinetic Reaction Monitoring
- Transient Spectral Analysis
- Wavelength Identification
- OEM Systems Integration
- Multi-point Sampling

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Exemplar® LS - Low Straylight Smart CCD Spectrometer

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