BWF5 Laser - Medical OEM/OED High Power Diode Laser

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BWF5 Laser - Medical OEM/OED High Power Diode Laser

BWF5 is a portable high power diode laser designed for applications requiring easy operation and fiber delivered, high output power at specified wavelengths. With a microcontroller and LCD color touch screen, this system provides intelligent safety features, ease of operation, and programmable operation settings. The innovative fiber calibration port design allows use of a variety of fibers and provides well regulated, optimum output power. The calibration mechanism also alerts operators about degraded or defective fibers.

Applications: Industrial, Selective Soldering/De-Soldering, Heat Treating, Quick Curing of Epoxy, Transformation Hardening Plastic Welding Medical: Dental Surgery, Brain Tumor Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Endovenous, Laser Therapy, Cardiac Surgery, Incontinence, BPH Biomedical Research: Contact Cutting, Ablation, Coagulation Necrosis, Tissue Welding/Fusion, Laser Hyperthermia Photodynamic Studies Veterinary Medicine: Epiglottic Entrapment, Ventriculocordectomy, Soft Palate Scarification Features: Intuitive User Interface Stand-Alone, Self-Contained Laser System Custom Form Factors Available Medical Grade Standards

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BWF5 Laser - Medical OEM/OED High Power Diode Laser

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