DoseRAE Pro

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DoseRAE Pro
Rugged Electronic Dosimeter for Personal Radiation Dosage Monitoring

The DoseRAE Pro is a rugged, compact, direct-reading Electronic Personal Dosimeter (EPD) that accurately measures accumulated personal radiation dose and provides the functionality of a Personal Radiation Detector (PRD). The RAE Systems DoseRAE Pro provides fast response via a highly sensitive scintillation detector with a PIN diode that delivers a real-time dose rate measurement.

DoseRAE Pro's wide energy response and dose rate range maximizes the safety of radiation-industry workers and emergency responders. The fast response time and multiple prominent alarms (audible, visible and vibration) immediately alert the user to hazardous radiation threats, enabling workers and emergency responders to immediately take appropriate action. The DoseRAE Pro's Stay-Time countdown timer with warning alarm allows users to carefully monitor their working time in a radiation exposure area. Plus, the DoseRAE Pro stores dose datalogs of up to 3000 points, which allows users to track daily, weekly, monthly and annual dose accumulation.

DoseRAE Pro's intuitive user interface and near field wireless communications are simple to operate, minimize personnel training and support costs, and reduce the total dosimeter system cost of ownership. The DoseRAE Pro provides continuous run time of over one month on a standard AA alkaline battery.

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DoseRAE Pro

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