MeshGuard Gamma - Battery-Powered Wireless Radiation Detector

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MeshGuard Gamma - Battery-Powered Wireless Radiation Detector

The RAE Systems MeshGuard Gamma radiation detection monitor is a key building block of the MeshGuard intelligent network of connected sensors for gamma radiation detection in industrial and environmental monitoring applications. The MeshGuard system is designed for fast deployment in areas where low cost/high ROI solutions are required.

MeshGuard Gamma is available with field-replaceable pre-calibrated sensors specifically designed to sense X-ray and gamma radiation. It is also directly compatible with RAE Systems Meshguard wireless gas sensors for a fully integrated hazardous gas & radiation monitoring system. When coupled with ProRAE Guardian command center software, it provides a powerful real-time radiation and gas monitoring solution.

- Fast and simple to operate: Self-forming wireless network; units come on-line automatically
- Local display with Dose Rate in R/h, Sv/h or Gy/h
- High sensitivity scintillator detector
- Compact and lightweight
- Rugged weather resistant housing
- Multiple controller options for real-time wireless data collection and viewing from over 500 detectors
- Directly compatible with ProRAE Guardian mobile command center software
- Self-healing network automatically routes data back to controller through best wireless path available
- Continuous monitoring and real-time data analysis enable rapid decision making and action
- Battery powered operation for up to 2 months
- SolarPak provides 24/7 uptime
- Magnetic mounting option for quick and easy MeshGuard installation

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MeshGuard Gamma - Battery-Powered Wireless Radiation Detector

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