Raman Explorerô Spectral Imaging Spectrograph

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Raman Explorer? Spectral Imaging Spectrograph

Raman Explorer? Spectrograph Headwall Photonics Complementing Andor's range of Imaging spectrographs we can now offer our customers a new solution offering spectral Imaging for more demanding Raman applications, developed by Headwall Photonics. The new agreement will allow us to offer the Raman Explorer? with a choice of Andor detectors. The Raman Explorer? family of multi-channel, multi-spectrum spectrographs is based on Headwall's patented, aberration-corrected, retro-reflective concentric design ? an innovative, high reciprocal dispersion instrument which is optimized for high signal throughput of weak Raman spectra with reduced measurement integration time. The unique design supports the ability to disperse multiple spectral ranges over a single CCD with superior resolution, photometric accuracy, and spectral bandwidth. High Signal Throughput High Dynamic Range High Spectral Resolution High Spatial Resolution

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Raman Explorerô Spectral Imaging Spectrograph

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