2. MICRO Spectra - with Smart SWIFTS Technology

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MICRO Spectra
The only mini spectrometer giving access to ultra-high spectral resolution

Thanks to smart SWIFTS TM technology, MICRO Spectra is the ideal mini- spectrometer  for characterizing laser with ultra-high resolution at low price. Forget about re-calibration of your high-resolution spectrometer ! 

The MICRO Spectra mini-spectrometer provides unique capabilities:

- Measurement of very close laser modes
- Multi-calibration everywhere in the 630-1070 nm range
- No drift in calibration over time or temperature change

Other Features
- Ultra-high spectral resolution: 7-20 pm
- Absolute accuracy < 0.02 nm
- Ultra compact size
- Simultaneous bandwidth of a few nm
- Measurement rate 1Hz
- Robust long-Life factory calibration
- User-friendly Spectra Resolver interface

- Laser control at 1Hz
- Basic and Innovation Research
- OEM integration and embedded applications
- Educational experiment


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MICRO Spectra - with Smart SWIFTS Technology

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