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  • 1. Shamrock 163
    #Shamrock 163 
    Shamrock 163 Imaging Spectrographs Versatile compact benchtop spectrograph The Shamrock 163 is the most compact research-grade Czerny-Turner spectograph on the market. Its 163 mm focal length, high F/3.6 aperture and wide range of seamlessly interchangeable gratings, slits and light coupling...
  • 2. Kymera 193i Imaging Spectrograph
    #Kymera 193i 
    Kymera 193i - Intelligent, Modular and Compact Imaging Spectrograph Andor's Kymera 193i spectrograph has been designed with both research-grade performance, versatility and ease of use in mind. The "intelligent" motorized adaptive focusing allows access to the very best spectral resolution...
  • 3. Kymera 328i Imaging Spectrograph
    #Kymera 328i 
    Kymera328i - Spectrograph solutions from UV to SWIR High resolution, high throughput, high modularity, ease of use from the UV to the NIR and SWIR. Intelligent and multi-modal spectroscopy platform for Physical and Life science - Adaptive Focus technology- TruRes Highest spectral resolution-...
  • 4. Shamrock 500 Imaging Spectrometer
    #Shamrock 500 
    Shamrock 500 Imaging Spectrometer The Andor Shamrock SR-500i imaging spectrometer is the latest addition of the Andor family of spectrometers based on Czerny-Turner optical design. The optimized optical design provides exceptional performance for multi-track Spectroscopy. The Shamrock 500i...
  • 5. Shamrock 750 Spectrograph
    #Shamrock 750  
    Shamrock 750 Spectrograph Pre-aligned, pre-calibrated detection solutions The Andor Shamrock SR-750 is the latest addition of the Andor family of spectrographs based on Czerny-Turner optical design. The Shamrock is available as a pre-aligned detector/spectrometer option allowing for seamless...