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Nanopsis M - The World's First Microsphere Nanoscope

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NANORO M -  The World's First Microsphere Nanoscope

Powered by The world's first x400 objective lens, we use microspheres to surpass the optical diffraction limit, collecting invisible, non-propagating light and converting it into a visible virtual image.



Achieve optical super-resolution:

Resolve down to 50 nm - 90 nm dependant on the sample in full colour.

See more with a focal depth of 1 um:

Unlike an SEM, SMAL has a focal depth of 1 um, allowing us to image multiple layers of a sample.

Increase your super-resolution workflow: 

With the NANORO M you can rapidly swap between standard objective lenses and the SMAL x400 lens. As easy to use as a standard white light microscope, the NANORO M is your new lab partner, the most accessible super-resolution system on the market, with no need for a vacuum, dark room, complex sample preparation, or specialist training. 

Adaptable, affordable:

Because SMAL works on a white light microscope the NANORO M is one of the most affordable super-resolution systems on the market. There are some features, such as the nano precision stage which are required to make our scanning possible, however the size of sphere, stage travel area etc. can all be tweaked dependant on your application area. Contact us with you imaging needs and we will quote you for a system tailored for your needs.

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