3. Exemplar Plus - High Performance SMART Spectrometer

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Exemplar Plus - High Performance SMART Spectrometer

The ExemplarŽ Plus is a high performance smart spectrometer utilizing a low stray light unfolded Czerny-Turner spectrograph. It features a highly sensitive TE Cooled back-thinned (BT) CCD detector which is linearly summed for high dynamic range. Its long focal length, coupled with a high quantum efficiency detector, provides superior data quality over the entire 190-1100nm spectral range. The Exemplar Plus features a high signal to noise ratio, making it ideal for low light level applications, and also features a built-in shutter allowing for dark scan measurements, even while illuminated. As a member of the Exemplar product line, it features on board data processing and USB 3.0 communication. The Exemplar product line is also optimized for multi-channel operation featuring ultra-low trigger delay and gate jitter.

The Exemplar Plus has spectral configurations from 190nm to 1100nm and resolutions between 0.1 nm and 10.0 nm. Custom configurations are available for OEM applications.


Low Light Level UV to NIR Spectroscopy

Raman and Fluorescence Spectroscopy

On-line Process Monitoring

LCD Display Measurement

BioMedical Spectroscopy

Gas and Water Analysis

LED Characterization



SMART On-board processing including averaging, smoothing, and dark compensation


?SuperSpeed? USB 3.0 communication


Supports up to 32 devices with ultra-low trigger delay (14ns) & gate jitter (+/- 1ns)

Additional Features:

High UV, Vis, and NIR Response
2048 Detector Elements
Over 60% QE at 200nm
0° TE Cooling (Default)
Over 90% Peak QE
Built-in Shutter

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Exemplar Plus - High Performance SMART Spectrometer

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