3. NanoScan - 1D

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NanoScan - 1D

Quantitative Instrumented Nanoindentation, Electrical properties in an Affordable package




Measurement Modes

- Instrumented Nanoindentation testing according to ISO 14577

- Measuring Current during instrumented nanoindentation and nanoscratch-test

- Measuring C-V curves at the predefined normal load/indentation penetration of the  nanoindenter  


Samples stage specification

- Maximum space for samples: 50mm x 50mm x 20mm

- Maximum weight of samples: 200 g

- Sample positioning: 10mm (motorized; 1-axis)


Measuring head specifications

- Peak load for low-range sensor: 30-100 mN 

- Peak load for high-range sensor: 3 N

- Maximum indentation displacement: 50um , up to 250um on request 



- Full set of software necessary for device setup and operation, as well as data acquisition and analysis.

- User manual



- Probe sensor with mounted diamond indenter (2 pcs.)

- Hardness reference block (fused quartz)


PC workstation

- IBM compatible personal computer.

- Operating system: Windows 7 32bit / 64bit

- LCD display



- Interface to PC: USB 2.0 or Ethernet compatible


Acoustic enclosure

- Outside dimensions: 450mm x 400mm x 450mm

- Inside dimensions: 370mm x 310mm x 400mm

- Passive protection from noise and thermal effects

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NanoScan - 1D

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