BAC100 - Fiber Coupled Raman Probe

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BAC100 - Fiber Coupled Raman Probe

The BAC100 Raman probe is suitable for laboratory and field applications and can sample materials such as liquids, powders, slurries, solids, and gases either by direct contact or through optically transparent containers such as glass or plastic.  The BAC100 is also compatible with many common sampling accessories such as cuvette holders, flow cells and video microscopes.

Standard configuration has a 175cm-1 cut-on with an optional E-grade filter available for collection within 65cm-1 of the Rayleigh line. The innovative design uses state-of-the-art telecom packaging techniques and optimized optical lenses.  Flexible fiber coupling and durable protective jacketing material with SMA905 (collection) and FC (excitation) terminations are standard, along with state-of-the-art telecom packaging.  Using optimized optical lenses, the excitation laser emits from the probe?s end where Raman signal is then collected from the sample.

The BAC100 comes with a detachable distance regulator designed for direct contact onto solid samples, which prevents contaminates from coming in contact with the lens of the probe. The BAC100 has two standard designs for 532nm or 785nm excitation Raman systems (custom wavelengths are available upon request).

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BAC100 - Fiber Coupled Raman Probe

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