BWC-FL Laser - High Power Fiber Laser Systems

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BWC-FL Laser - High Power Fiber Laser Systems

The BWC-FL-1064 and BWC-FL-1085 Series are compact turnkey diode-pumped fiber laser systems. Depending on the model, they operate around 1064nm or 1085nm, providing up to 10 Watts of continuous power. It is a complete system, containing the pump laser diode, fiber laser cavity, thermoelectric coolers, control electronics, and power supply. The system operates from standard wall plug line power. It includes features such as multifunctional relay controller for versatile laser operations, a micro-controller, color touch screen LCD, and a remote port for external modulation and control purpose.

Applications: Contact Cutting, Ablation Coagulation Necrosis Tissue Welding/Fusion Veterinary Surgery Selective Soldering/De-Soldering Heat Treating Quick Curing of Epoxy Transformation Hardening Plastic Welding Marking

Features: Easy OEM integration Compact and portable High power density and low divergence angle

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BWC-FL Laser - High Power Fiber Laser Systems

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