BWN Laser - OEM Diode and DPSS Lasers

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BWN Laser - OEM Diode and DPSS Lasers

The BWN laser series is a line of solid-state electrically pumped diode lasers and diode pumped, solid-state lasers. Compact and self-contained, the BWN series emits a pure TEM00 beam with diffraction limited performance and a typical M2 of 1.05. Available in green (532 nm), yellow (594 nm), red (635 nm and 660 nm), and NIR (780 nm and 830 nm) with variable power options, these modules are ideal for demanding applications such as metrology, photoluminescence, printing, illumination, scanning, inspection, particle counting, and a variety of biomedical applications. These OEM laser modules maintain outstanding optical performance over a broad temperature range, guaranteeing minimal power fluctuations and virtually eliminating high frequency noise. They have the world's smallest OEM controller with power consumption < 5 Watts. They have been qualified for use in some of the most demanding high-end instruments, with deployments in the tens of thousands.

Features Green (532 nm), Yellow (594 nm), Red (635 nm, 660 nm), and NIR (780 nm, 830 nm) TEM00 Beam Quality > 10,000 Hours Expected Lifetime Low Noise and Excellent Power Stability Integratable into Larger OEM Systems

Applications: Optical Trapping Metrology Wafer Inspection Laser Printing Particle Counting Photoluminescence Illumination Pointing Bio Instrumentation Spectroscopy Signal Transmission

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BWN Laser - OEM Diode and DPSS Lasers

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