Gamma Radiation Detector & Dosimeter in One

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GammaRae II R
Gamma Radiation Detector & Dosimeter in One
The GammaRAE II R is a gamma radiation detector and full-range dosimeter in a single instrument. Designed specifically to meet the needs of first responders, it has the rapid response of a detector and the accurate dose measurement of a dosimeter.

- Combined Detector and Dosimeter 
- Immersible
- Loud Alarm
- Dose Accumulation

Key Features

- Sensitive CsI scintillator for excellent search capability and fast response
- Energy-compensated PIN diode sensor for high dose rate range and accurate dosimeter capabilities
- Prominent visible, audible and vibration alarms
- Alerts first responders to radioactive threats
- Accurately measures accumulated dose to the wearer Immersible in water for easy decontamination
- Top-mounted, invertable display
- Continuous digital readout in Rem/hour (R/h & mR/h) or in Sievert/hour (Sv/h & mSv/h) and counts per second (cps)
- Two operation keys, simple intuitive programming
- Long calibration life
- Two AA Alkaline batteries last up to 600 hours  
- 30,000-point datalog capacity, downloaded via cable-free Bluetooth® connection

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Gamma Radiation Detector & Dosimeter in One

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