MiniDOSE- Personal Electronic Dosimeter

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A compact and colorful Personal Electronic Dosimeter, your family can use everyday

The miniDOSE is an easy-to-use electronic personal dosimeter that records X-ray and/or Gamma radiation dose accumulated every day with built-in datalogging and micro-USB communication to a computer. You can conveniently monitor your personal radiation exposures on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis


- Sensitive CsI scintillation detector
- Powered by one AAA battery
- Data communication via micro-USB
- Accumulated dosage of 0.01uSv to 10Sv
- View dose per Day, Week, Month and Year
- Datalog of dose accumulated every day
- Dose rate of 0.01uSv/h to 2mSv/h

- miniDOSE Unit
- User Instruction
- miniREC Software CD
- Micro-USB Cable
- Protective Silicone Case
- Lanyard
- Calibration Certificate

Sell in Canada only

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A compact and colorful personal electronic dosimeter, your family can use everyday

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