RadScope - GammaRAE II Software Interface for Smartphone

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RadScope - GammaRAE II Software Interface for Smartphone   

RadScope is an Android application. A smartphone with RadScope can be used to manipulate the real-time measurement of a GammaRAE II R via the Bluetooth link. On the screen of the smartphone you can monitor device communication status, dose rate analog/digital readings and graph display, observe the alarms and view datalogs. You can also check the GPS location of the searching spot, take a picture of the object and write a note about the measurement. All of the information can be sent through the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). Furthermore, the Smartprobe, a GammaRAE II R and a smartphone with RadScope mounted on a 4m-long extendable telepole, can be used for performing a measurement in a high dose rate area while keeping the operator at a safe distance. It is also suitable for searching and surveying difficult-to-reach areas.

Key Features: 

- Real-time display GammaRAE II R device status, readings and alarms 
- Intuitive user interface 
- Large graghic display
- GPS location 
- Photogragh 
- Data storage
- File management
- Mobile network

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RadScope - GammaRAE II Software Interface for Smartphone

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