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  • BAC150 - Raman Probe Holder
    BAC150 - Raman Probe Holder The BAC150 Raman probe holder enables you to more accurately control your point of measurement when using one of our fiber probe based Raman systems.  It is compatible with any of our laboratory Raman probes and delivers precision X, Y, and Z axis control with coarse...
  • BAC151B - Raman Video Microsampling System
    BAC151B - Raman Video Microsampling System The BAC151B is a Raman microscope that is compatible with B&W Tek Raman systems.  It was designed to offer the highest level of flexibility in facilitating Raman sampling for a variety of applications.  The BAC151B can be configured to fulfill...
  • BAC160 -Raman Flow Cell
    BAC160 -Raman Flow Cell The BAC160 Raman flow cell is a sampling device used for Raman on-line process monitoring of liquids or gases.  It provides a sampling platform with high throughput and stability for use with any of our laboratory or industrial grade Raman probes. It is ideal for observing...
  • BAC200 - Micro Lensed Raman Probe
    BAC200 - Micro Lensed Raman Probe The BAC200 is the first fiber optic probe to deliver the performance of a larger lensed probe in an extremely small diameter. The BAC200?s design will allow measurements and applications previously not possible.The optical elements in this design are permanently...
  • BCR100A - Raman Cuvette Holder
    BCR100A - Raman Cuvette Holder The BRC100A Raman cuvette holder allows you to easily measure Raman spectrum of liquids and powders by easily connecting a Raman probe directly to the holder.  The BRC100A provides Raman signal up to 3 times clearer than standard cuvette holders by using an internal...
  • BWID - Spectral Identification Software
    BWID - Spectral Identification Software BWID spectral identification software allows you to rapidly identify and verify materials by correlating your measured Raman spectrum with a library of known samples. After the correlation is measured, the reporting capability enables you to save, view,...
  • BWIQ - Chemometric Software
    BWIQ - Chemometric Software    BWIQ combines traditional chemometric methods, such as Partial Least Squares Regression (PLSR) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA), with new methods, such as B&W Tek?s proprietary adaptive iteratively reweighted Penalized Least Squares (airPLS) algorithm,...
    Compact Raman Probe Innovative optical design enables independent configuration of emission and collection channels to optimize measurment by considering both the sample (solid or liquid) and the system (spectrograph and camera) used. FEATURES ? Configured to match spectrograph / camera system ?...
  • RIF100 - Raman Immersion Shaft
    RIF100 - Raman Immersion Shaft The RIF100 optional immersion shaft is designed as a replacement shaft for our BAC100 and BAC102 Raman probe assemblies in order to perform immersion measurements.  It is ideal for observing kinetic reaction studies or dissolution testing via Raman spectroscopy...

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