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VANTAGE 50 - Non-Contact Profiling System

- Cost-effective profilometer and 3D scanning solution

- Integrated motion system with 50mm travel

- User friendly concept

- Sophisticated analysis and automation software


The cyberSCAN VANTAGE 50 is a compact, noncontact profiling system for fast scanning of any part or surface. The system combines a laser sensor, a base unit with an integrated translation stage and a PC or a laptop for data analysis. The sensor scans over the object and produces a high-resolution height profile. The confocal laser sensor can also produce a scan line with the width of 1.1 mm and a lateral resolution of 2 m. In combination with the translation stage a highly accurate 3D raster can be recorded. The software offers sophisticated surface metrology analyses and automated measurement routines.



- Integrated y-stage with sensor mount
- 50 mm travel in y- direction, lateral resolution 0.05 m
- Laser confocal or triangulation sensors
- Resolution down to 0.01 m, measurement range up to 8 mm
- 3D Line-scan capabilities (laser confocal sensor) with 1.1 mm width and 2 m lateral resolution
- 2D profiles and 3D topographical maps
- Integrated on-axis camera, visible laser spot inside the camera field of view

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