14 July 2014
SnowHouse announces new Partnership with cyberTECHNOLOGIES!
Lac-Beauport, SnowHouse Solutions has reached an agreement with cyberTECHNOLOGIES ( to promote... read more
24 Jan 2014
SnowHouse announces new Partnership with Resolution Spectra!
January 24 2014 Lac-Beauport, SnowHouse Solutions has reached an agreement with Resolution Spectra ( read more
Optical fibers
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  • Fiber Assemblies (Custom)
    #Fiber Assemblies 
    Custom Fiber Assemblies Our partner, can manufacture fiber optic assembly to your design and specification. Where we truly thrive,  however, is a situation where you have a need and are not sure how to solve it. This is where our  experience and expertise is most useful. We can offer advice...
  • Fiber Optic Bundles
    #Fiber Bundles 
    BUNDLES We offer fiber optic bundles using various types of fibers featuring: all-silica (ie. quartz), plastic-clad silica, borosilicate glass, fluoride and all plastic (POF) Numerical apertures (NAs) of 0.10 to 0.66 Wavelength range from 180nm to 5500nm Materials A fiber optic bundle...
  • Fiber Optics Patchcords
    PATCHCORDS Single fiber assemblies are employed whenever light must be transmitted over a certain distance along a convoluted path. Our partners is specialized in manufacturing several different grades of single fiber assemblies and cables. We are expert in making of extremely rugged cables...
  • Optical Fiber Arrays
    #Fiber Arrays 
    FIBER ARRAYS Over the years, our partner has developed extensive expertise in the design, fabrication and assembly of fiber optic components, such as fiber optic arrays, in which the individual fibers are arranged in regular linear or 2D patterns. We are capable of making such assemblies with...