Optical Fiber Arrays

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Over the years, our partner has developed extensive expertise in the design, fabrication and assembly of fiber optic components, such as fiber optic arrays, in which the individual fibers are arranged in regular linear or 2D patterns. We are capable of making such assemblies with even the smallest of multimode fibers. In addition, the individual fibers can be routed randomly, scrambled, or precisely mapped from one end of the cable to the other.

Configuration options include:

Fibers All Silica (Deep UV, UV-VIS, VIS-NIR Broadband UV-NIR)
Hard clad silica (UV-VIS, VIS-NIR)
Flouride (MIR)
Chalcogenide IR-Glass Fiber (CIR Fiber)
Polycrystalline IR-Fibers (PIR Fiber)
Plastic optical fiber (POF)
Borosilicate Glass Fibers
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Sheathing furcation tube (PFT), PTFE tubing, PEEK tubing, PVC covered monocoil (PVM), silicone covered monocoil (SLM),  stainless steel squarelock (SQL), stainless steel interlock (SSI), PVC covered stainless steel interlock (SSP), custom materials. more info
Connectors SMA905, FC/PC, FC/APC, ST, custom ferrules on request. 

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Optical Fiber Arrays

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