Fiber Assemblies (Custom)

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Custom Fiber Assemblies

Our partner, can manufacture fiber optic assembly to your design and specification. Where we truly thrive,  however, is a situation where you have a need and are not sure how to solve it. This is where our  experience and expertise is most useful. We can offer advice on how to implement your idea in a most efficient and cost effective manner while respecting your requirements.

To this end we display our technological skills combined with advanced software design simulation tools: mechanical CAD, optical design and modelling software. We also collaborate with some most advanced machine shops and components manufacturers to get the right parts quickly.  Techniques: wire EDM, swiss turning, laser micromachining. We worked with different metals,  plastics & glasses.  Coherent fiber bundle compatible with cryogenic temperatures and incorporating a vacuum feedthrough.

Our techniques include wire EDM, swiss turning, and laser micromachining. Also we have worked with many different metals, plastics, and glasses.

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Fiber Assemblies

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