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SCAN CT Software

SCAN SUITE is a software package for measuring and analyzing 2D profuiles and 3D raster maps. It offers complete 2D and 3D surface measurement parameters as well as sophisticated filter and compensation methods. All combined in an operator friendly user interface.

SCAN CT Highlights

  • - Complete 2D and 3D surface analysis
  • - Profile and 3D Roughness measurements according to DIN ISO EN standards
  • - Comprehensive profile and surface compensations
  • - Advanced filter technologies
  • - Uni- / bi-directional scanning
  • - Linear, circular and elipsodal scanning
  • - Simultaneous data collection of up to 5 sensors
  • - Dedicated user management
  • - Up to 200 Mio data points per raster
  • - Fast multi-thread technology

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SCAN CT Software

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