5. Shamrock 750 Spectrograph

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Shamrock 750 Spectrograph

Pre-aligned, pre-calibrated detection solutions
The Andor Shamrock SR-750 is the latest addition of the Andor family of spectrographs based on Czerny-Turner optical design. The Shamrock is available as a pre-aligned detector/spectrometer option allowing for seamless integration of software, electronics, optics and detector. There is also a fast and interactive graphical software interface allowing full control of all the spectrograph functions.

Focal Length (mm) 750
Aperture f/9.8
Focal Plane Size (mm WxH) 28 x 14
Wavelength Resolution (nm) 0.04
Wavelength Reproducibility (nm) 0.05
Size (mm) 860 x 393 x 213.5
Weight (kg) 35
Grating Size 68 x 68 mm

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5. Shamrock 750 Spectrograph

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