AFM-IR - VISTA 75 - PiFM and PiF-IR with s-SNOM

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Vista 75
Sub 5 nm IR spatial resolution ? Single-molecule-level sensitivity

Accessible design
- Easy sample access and a one handedAFM head clamp make tip and sample exchanges a breeze


Quick-change optics
- Pre-aligned optics make switching between PiFM + PiF-IR, s-SNOM, and Raman effortless.

Ultimate spectro-nanoscopy
- Photo-induced force microscopy (PiFM) and Photoinduced force infrared (PiF-IR) spectroscopy are the leading nano-IR techniques.

Exceptional AFM performance
- With an 80 ?m (optional 100 ?m) xy-scanner and a dual z feedback system, our AFM is top notch.

Dynamic laser control
- Our optical multiplexer handles alignments, polarization, and normalization automatically for effortless laser control.

Self-contained system
- No need for a special environment. Vista 75 is complete with built-in vibration isolation, and a temperature controlled acoustic enclosure with dry air.

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VISTA One nano- IR Microscope and Spectrometer

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