Automatic aspiration systems AA 02 / 04

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Automatic aspiration systems AA 02 / 04

The Automatic
- When the process is stopped with the handle the pump switches off automatically. When vacuum is needed the pump switches on again.
- Required vacuum is always available.
-The handle serves for different suction devices. It is delivered as standard for taking a Pasteur pipette. With the handle suction is started andstopped resulting in an automatic switch off of the pump.


- The housing made of long living and easy care specially hard anodised aluminium with powerful menbrame pump, vacuum controller and mounted safety bottle holder is a compact unit.
- The membrane vacuum pump (automatic switching) is integrated in the housing, running gently and perfectly adapted tothe requirements; sucking the liquid very fast.
- The bottle with 2 or 4 litre content (depending on execution) is easy to handle.
- It consists of thick-walled, sturdy propylene and is autoclavable.
- The wide-necked screw cap has 2 fast locks which automatically close when the hose connections are loosened to the suction or vacuum side.
- The filled bottle thus is firmly closed andcan be transported for disposal without danger.
- A ventilation element gives the necessary pressure equalization when autoclaving.
- A safety filter between collection bottle and the vacuum pump protects the pump and the surrounding.
- 3 m of silicone tubing make it possible that the collection bottle and the vacuum pump can be placed outside the Laminar Flow and thus do not diminsh the working area.
- A hose holder for attachment to LaminarF low serves for comfortable handling. Thus the hose cannot slip away from the working place.


Vacuum pump



Suction capacity


30 l / min (air)

Final vacuum


100 mbar abs.

Material of pump head



Material of membrane









Dimensions (W x L x D)


170 x 220 x 155 mm

Height with bottle AL 02


439 mm

Height with bottle AL 04


508 mm



approx. 7 kg

Electric supply


115 V / 230 V, 50 Hz


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Automatic aspiration systems AA 02 / 04

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