BCS-815 Battery Cycling System with EIS

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BCS-815 Battery Cycling System up to 15 A per Channel
Powerful and flexible equipment for battery cycling EIS capability

The BCS-815 is the new Battery Cycling System introduced by Bio-Logic. This system is a modular system that addresses the expanding needs of the industrial battery cycling market by providing superior specifications and capability for an investment that gives new meaning to exceptional value. The channel of BCS-815 are parallelizable in order to increase the controlled and the measured current up to 120 A

- Voltage range: 0 - 9 V

- Voltage measurement resolution: 40 uV

- Current ranging from 1 mA to 15 A per channel

- EIS on every channel 10 mHz to 10 kHz

- Current resolution: down to 0.02 uA

- Channels in series: up to 120 A per module

- Acquisition time: 2 ms

- LAN connection for backup

- No limit in time and data recording

- 2 analog inputs

- 1 trigger input, 1 trigger output

- 1 open input


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BCS-815 Battery Cycling System with EIS

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