EC-Lab® Express - Easy and user-friendly Software for new users

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EC-Lab® Express - Easy and user-friendly Software for new users

EC-lab® Express is the ideal software to start with Electrochemistry. With an easy-to-use straight-forward parameter input window, this unique interface gives a simple overview for the user to create, modify and visualize the experimental setup. All voltammetry and chrono-method protocols are included, complemented by pulsed techniques and corrosion testing.

A comprehensive graphics package

EC-lab® Express graphical package is the same as that in EC-lab® and includes all analysis, integration and fitting tools present in the more full featured EC-LAB software.

EIS measurements

EC-lab® Express can perform EIS experiments on the counter electrode. Impedance of the counter and the working electrode are calculated simultaneously. EIS measurements on each element of a stack are also available.

Simple experimental sequence builder

EC-lab® Express offers more than 30 techniques. These techniques can address applications in voltammetry, EIS, corrosion and material development. An easy technique linker can execute a series of different modular techniques, wait periods and loops to create complex experimental sequences. EC-lab® Express provides the opportunity to do pulsed experiments up to 20 µs sampling or 40 µs for Cyclic voltammetry. This is very useful for performing kinetics and electroplating studies.


EC-Lab Express is now compatible with Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits).

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EC-Lab® Express - Easy and user-friendly Software for new users

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