iStar 320T Intensified CCD

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iStar 320 Intensified CCD

- Active Pixels : 690 x 255 / 960 x 255
- Pixel size: 26 um x 26 um

Industry leading platform for nanosecond-scale, high-speed Spectroscopy
Andor's iStar DH320T intensified CCD camera series are designed to offer the ultimate integrated detection solution for high resolution, ns-scale time-resolved Spectroscopy. The 4:1 aspect ratio is ideally suited for use with Andor's Shamrock Czerny-Turner spectrograph series and accessories.



Effective active area of CCD (mm) 18 x 6.7 25 x 6.7
Fiber optic taper magnification 1:1
Effective CCD pixel size 26 x 26 um (100% fill factor)
Active pixels 690 x 255 960 x 255
Read noise (rms) As low as 7 e-
Spectral rate (spectra/sec, max.) > 2,900 (Crop Mode)
Useful photocathode spectral range 120 - 1,100 nm*
Photocathode QE Up to 50%* Up to 45%*
Minimum optical gate width As low as 1.2 ns*

* Dependent on intensifier type

It offers Multi-MHz readout for acquisition in excess of 322 spectra/sec (> 2,900 in Crop Mode) along with laptop-friendly, USB 2.0 connectivity and a fully integrated, software-controlled Digital Delay Generator (DDG?). This allows seamless integration of complex experiments at the touch of a button, with full timing and gain control through a single interactive interface. Gen 2 & 3 image intensifiers with entrance input window and phosphor options are available to match wavelength range requirements from 120 nm to 1,100 nm and minimum gating speeds requirements < 2 ns.

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iStar 320T Intensified CCD

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