CD Microplate Reader

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CD Microplate Reader

The First Circular Dichroism Microplate Reader.

1000s of readings per hour!

10 times faster than conventional CD autosamplers!


CD Microplate Reader is the result of years of experience in the design of instrumentation based on the principles of PEM-polarization modulation. 
Bio-Logic and Hinds Instruments join forces to propose the first microplate reader for circular dichroism measurements. 
CD Microplate Reader opens a new area in High Throughput assays by proposing a new fast and economic tool to comply with today's advenced pharmacopeia requirements

Amazing Features

- Improved productivity: High throughput screening for symetric synthesis and catalysis
- Fast reading : Complete microplate read in less than 2 minutes !
- High performance: Enables reading thousands of ee values per hour
- Faster than autosamplers:10 times faster compare to conventional CD robot
- Small footprint: 3 times smaller footprint than a conventional CD spectrometer
- Low operating cost: More than 9000 h lifetime and low N2 Purge Requirements





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CD Microplate Reader

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