Dragonfly-500 High-speed Confocal Imaging Platform

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Dragonfly-500 High-speed Confocal Imaging Platform

Dragonfly 500 offers the full range of imaging modalities and complementary features available on this innovative platform.

Choose this model for a fully scalable imaging range from; sub-cellular protein targets at the cell membrane using TIRF, or deeper in the cell with SRRF-Stream and dSTORM super-resolution; to large scale tissue structure or whole organism anatomy.

Dragonfly 500 should be considered by those whose research projects, or variety of users, cover a wide range of imaging requirements; and for whom the ability to apply several pertinent techniques to the same sample offers a powerful tool for discovery.

Techniques for which you would purchase three independent products, Dragonfly 500 offers in a single cost-effective solution.

- Instant Confocal
- Simultaneous multi-color TIRF
- Laser widefield imaging
- Single molecule imaging
- VIS - NIR wavelengths

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Dragonfly-500 High-speed Confocal Imaging Platform

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