MPG-2XX(z) - Battery Testers with EIS capability

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MPG-2XX(z) - Battery Cyclers with EIS capability (Impedance Spectroscopy)
To complete the MPG2 family, four more powerful systems have been developed : the MPG-2XX series is now proposed as a range of 5 units in fixed configuration, each of them available with or without EIS capability.

- MPG-2(z) : 16 channels/100 mA each
- MPG-205(z) : 8 channels/5 A each
- MPG-210(z) : 4 channels/10 A each
- MPG-220(z) : 2 channels/20 A each
- MPG-240(z) : 1 channel/40 A each

The MPG-2XX series can be provided in a rack capable of supporting 5 units. Only one computer is necessary to control all the units thanks to the Ethernet connection.


- Battery testing
- Li-ion
- Li-polymer
- Li-air
- Li-MH


- EIS from 1 mHz to 20 kHz (accuracy: 1%, 1°)
- C
oin cell holder for MPG-2
- Battery holder BH-2 for MPG-205, MPG-210 Rack (5 units)
- Short (25 cm) or long cables (2.5 m)
- Temperature probe

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MPG-2XX(z) - Battery Testers with EIS capability

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