1. MTZ-35 35 MHz Impedance analyzer

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MTZ-35 35 MHz Impedance analyzer

Exploring new frontiers of impedance testing

A modern materials science lab faces challenging measurements each day, and impedance spectroscopy is a primary tool in materials research that helps characterize the physical properties and/or chemical interactions of the materials under investigation.

The Bio-Logic MTZ-35 impedance analyzer has the specifications and features required to address the broad scope of applications in the materials research field. With a wide frequency range (10 µHz ? 35 MHz) and superior accuracy (0.1% amplitude, 0.05% phase) the MTZ-35 impedance analyzer tackles the most difficult tasks in materials science today.

The MTZ-35 interface is the Windows-based MT-Lab® software that is supplied with the system and allows easy management of multiple runs and complex experimental sequences, including control and interface features for temperature, furnaces, cryostats and a wide range of sample holders adapted to the user?s needs.


- Ceramics
- Sensors
- Polymers
- Nano materials
- Solar cells - Photovoltaic
- Rubbers
- Glues
- Epoxies
- Liquid crystals


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1. MTZ-35 35 MHz Impedance analyzer

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