3. HTSH – High Temperature Sample Holder

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HTSH - High Temperature Sample Holder

The High Temperature Sample Holder is specially designed for impedance measurements at high temperatures up to 1100°C.

It is made with high purity alumina. The solid sample is sandwiched between two platinum disks (10 mm diameter) used as electrodes.

The sample can be tested in a controlled atmosphere using the quartz tube*. In this case, two back ferrules on the aluminium part of the holder can be connected to inert gas source.

For long time experiments, the temperature close to the main part of the holder can increase. We recommend to refresh the aluminium part where the electric connections are done through the copper tubing with a cooling liquid.

The electric measurement is a four point measurement done with the MTZ-35.

* Max temperature: 900°C if the quartz tube is used



Sample holder: High purity alumina
Electrode: high purity platinum disk & wire

Shield tube : inconel 600

Gas circuitry

Inert gases input/output available with quartz tube

Water cooling

Tube included for water cooling (0,1 l/mn) when using T>900°C

Frequency range

DC to 35 MHz

Temperature range    

Ambient up to 1100°C

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3. HTSH – High Temperature Sample Holder

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