CESH – Controlled Environment Sample Holder

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CESH - Controlled Environment Sample Holder

The Controlled Environment Sample Holder (CESH) is a new sample holder dedicated to material impedance spectroscopy under controlled atmosphere.

This device has been designed to withstand temperatures from -40 °C and +150 °C.

The CESH allows accurate four-point impedance measurements with the MTZ-35 impedance analyzer and also with  Bio-Logic potentiostats / galvanostats with EIS option.

Soft materials can be tested with the Surface current version whereas stronger materials can be tested with the Bulk current version.

The CESH  is equipped with two ports for gas inlet and outlet for inert gas flow.

The CESH holder is provided with a base for optimal storage and sample preparation.



Dimensions D 80 x H 94 mm (121.90 clearance)
Temperature range  -40 °C to +150 °C
HF connections  SMB ? 4 points
Gaz inlet / outlet  ID 02 mm / OD 04 mm
Frequency range  DC to 35 MHz
DC range  +/- 50 V
Electrode material  Gold plated
Electrode baseplate  D 47 mm
Sample thickness  5 mm max
Current max  1 A
Ordering information Surface Sample Holder 097-150/1
  Bulk Sample Holder 097-150/2

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CESH – Controlled Environment Sample Holder

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