FC-45 - Standard Faraday Cage

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 FC-45 - Standard Faraday Cage   

Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 45 cm

Material: stainless steel 430.

Cable feed-through. A Feed-through (14 x 4 cm) is available on the left side. It is compatible with all Bio-Logic cables such as:

- Standard cable
- C
able with electrometer i.e. Low Current, Ultra Low Current
- B
ipot cable for the VMP3 instruments
- Booster cables
- eQCM cable
Several cables can go through this feed through.


Earth: connection: A 4-mm green plug is available on the rear panel to be connected to the Earth ground chassis of the instrument.

Other input/output: On the rear panel, four openings are available to allow the user to connect the cell to any water or gas tubing.

- 2 holes (input/output) with a diameter of 2 cm for water tubing
- 2 holes (input/output) with a diameter of 1.5 cm for gas tubing


A rod (diameter: 1.2 cm) is provided inside the cage. This can be used to fix the cell or the cell cable.Nut and clamp are not provided.

A stand (PN: 094-084/2) is offered as option.it is made of the two metallic plated of 20 x 20 cm separated by a plastic tube of 14.6 cm. This stand can be screwed to the Faraday cage.

Cell compatibility: It is compatible with the coating, flat, galvanic cells

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FC-45 - Standard Faraday Cage

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