OSP470 Non-contact Surface Profiling

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OSP470 Non-contact Surface Profiling

Maps and quantifies the surface roughness and topography features

Utilising a non-contact laser displacement sensor, the OSP470 module allows fast and accurate non-contact surface measurement to a very high accuracy. Features of less than one micrometer can be imaged and measured over a height measurement range of 10 mm without touching the sample surface.

The OSP470 incorporates a CCD displacement sensor mounted on the scanning head of the M470 workstation. A small spot of laser light at 650 nm is projected down onto the sample surface and the scattered light is focused on to the CCD array allowing the direct displacement measurement of the diffuse scattered light.

This allows a very accurate surface height profile of the entire surface to be generated and thus measurements of the surface roughness and topography features. Most importantly, the OSP470 module will allow the use of the generated data subsequently to alter the height of the probe in any of the other electrochemistry techniques, so the probe can scan over uneven surfaces whilst maintaining a constant distance of the probe from the sample.



  • Surface roughness parameter measurement
  • Assessment of vitrified CBN wheels for precision grinding



  • Generation of height profile data to allow other electrochemistry techniques to maintain a constant distance of the probe from the sample.
  • General surface profile measurement of engineering samples



  • Surface topography measurements on pitted stainless steel samples
  • Coating thickness and smoothness measurement
  • Investigations of damage on metal surfaces

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OSP470 Non-contact Surface Profiling

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