3. iKon-XL 231 - The Definitive Astronomy CCD Camera

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iKon-XL 231 - The Definitive Astronomy CCD Camera
Ultimate Performance -100 °C TE Cooled, Very Large Area CCD

Andor's NEW iKon-XL is a TE-cooled, very large area CCD camera platform, accommodating big field of view sensors that are ideally suited to long exposure astronomy applications. Patent-pending ColdSpace technology thermoelectrically cools a back-illuminated 16.8 Megapixel sensor (e2v) down to -100 °C, avoiding the requirement for liquid nitrogen or unreliable cryo coolers. Extended Dynamic Range technology is complemented by up to 18-bit digitization capability.

The iKon-XL 231 model uses the e2v CCD231-84 'astro' back-illuminated sensor, combining exceptionally low read noise of 2.1 e- with a very large well depth of 350,000 e- and available with a range of sensor QE coatings, in both standard and deep depletion formats.

- -100 °C TE cooled large area sensors
- NO liquid nitrogen, NO cryo-cooler
- Extended Dynamic Range (18-bit)
e2v CCD231-84 sensor (deep depletion available)

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3. iKon-XL 231 - The Definitive Astronomy CCD Camera

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