10. uSFM / Micro-Volume Stopped-Flow

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uSFM / Micro-Volume Stopped-Flow

The SFM is a micro-volume stopped-flow. The SFM joins our widely recognized micro-volume quench-flow instrument (QFM-4000) and strengthens Bio-Logic?s position as the micro-volume leader for rapid kinetics studies.100 l is all you need to collect 10 valuable sets of data.

The SFM is a two syringe stopped-flow system. Each syringe is driven by an independent stepping motor so the mixing ratio can be freely changed in Bio-Kine software from 1:1 to 1:9. The combination of high precision motors with precision of micro-volumes glass syringes allows the user to inject a few l of precious samples at each experiment.

- Optimized for micro-volume applications
-10 valuable shots from a 100 l stock solution
-Minimum injection volume: 3l
-2 independently controlled syringes
-Mixing ratio from 1:1 to 1:9
-User selectable mixing ratio
-Full solvent compatibility
-Dead time: 1ms
-Compatible with all MOS spectrometers
-Temperature range: 0 to +50C
-USB communication

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10. uSFM / Micro-Volume Stopped-Flow

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