MCS 10 Fully Integrated Multichannel Conductivity Spectroscopy

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Multichannel Conductivity Spectroscopy - MCS 10

ÁS to S from -40 ░C to +150 ░C

The growing number of ionic liquid and liquid electrolyte studies for batteries and other electrochemical devices deserves practical and accurate liquid conductivity measurement instrumentation. Based on its expertise in impedance spectroscopy, Bio-Logic has developed theáMCS 10, a unique integration of frequency response analysis and temperature control unit, enabling mutli-sampling at various temperatures.

The Conductimetry system measures ionic conductivity of liquids over a wide temperature range. The MCS 10 consists of three integrated components:

- MCM 10: a FRA-based impedance analyzer with ten channels

- WTSH 10: a Wide Temperature Sample Holder with ten slots

- HTCC: High Temperature Conductivity Cells ? áPlatinized/PtáParallel Plate Electrode

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