2. Kymera 193i Imaging Spectrograph

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Kymera 193i - Intelligent, Modular and Compact Imaging Spectrograph

Andor's Kymera 193i spectrograph has been designed with both research-grade performance, versatility and ease of use in mind.

The "intelligent" motorized adaptive focusing allows access to the very best spectral resolution performance in any configuration with un-matched repeatability. Its F/3.6 aperture, combined with Andor's world-class range of ultra-sensitive UV-NIR and SWIR detectors, offers a "workhorse" spectroscopy platform with superb photon collection efficiency, ideal for challenging low-light micro-fluorescence / Raman applications or routine spectral acquisitions.

The indexed grating turret, dual output port and extensive accessories range provides a highly configurable platform to best match Academic and OEMs specific performance requirements. Dedicated micro-spectroscopy interfaces - including modular "cage system" - allow seamless integration to microscopy setups, with Shamrock spectrograph and accessories user-friendly control in uManager to provide a quick and easy setup of complex micro-spectroscopy acquisition including chemical mapping.

Key Specifications

Focal Length 193 mm
Aperture F/3.6
Magnification (Vertical @ centre of CCD) 1.07
Wavelength Resolution 0.21 nm
Wavelength accuracy center 0.15 nm
Wavelength repeatability 75 pm
Gratings Interchangeable dual on-axis
RFID-tagged turret for easy swapping

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2. Kymera 193i Imaging Spectrograph

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